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Gedichte der Klasse 10b (2006/07)


Dies ist eine Auswahl von Liebesgedichten, die die Klasse 10b im Schuljahr 2006/07 im Unterricht verfasst hat:



You promised me your love,

I promised you my time,

We can take this love to heaven,

If you just put your hand in mine

Love is if eyes can say more than words…

Love is a part of eternal life…

Love is more than all words can say…

Love is a wonderful rose with thorns…

Love is as if you could fly…

Love is nothing you can buy

by Tiziana Corallo

I've been waiting lately for someone like you.

I can take you places, show me all you faces.

I don't know if it is a dream or if it's real,

all the beautiful things I feel.

I count on you no matter what they say, cause these feelings make me want to stay. Our love will find its time, I hope you give it a chance to let us shine.

But you closed the door, to what I adore.

To see us in heaven, I'm hoping no more.

I'm caught in your web, can't even walk away a step.

Your poison running through my veins, it feels like being in chains

So many tears I've cried for you,

but you just haven't got the feelings, too.

Every day I read between the lines,

Every day I'm searching for your signs.

I want to run away, you tell me nothing else but lies.

I tried to run away,but I can't find a place to hide.


by Susanne Schmelze


My tears are falling down like rain

my love for you was all in vain

My broken heart weeps like the sea

and whispers our names, just you and me.

by Lucas Coenen