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The Curse of the Dead Island - von Daniel Wolf (9d)

Chapter one: The mutiny

It was cold. Very cold. Jack felt the icy wind in his hair and on his skin. The thin plank under his feet creaked and it wasn’t easy for him to keep standing on it. He heard the sound of the waves about ten metres under him. The sun hid herself more and more behind dark clouds and it became even colder. Jack shivered. He slowly walked forwards a little bit. And again. Step after step… A little step and again a step. One more step and… He stopped. He felt them behind him. Every one of them. He shivered more. He looked down carefully and saw the last sunbeams glittering on the water. He had always loved this beautiful sight. He had enjoyed it looking at the sea in the evenings since he had been a young boy. And it was really a beautiful thing. This deep blue sea all around him which glittered in red when you could see the sun on the horizon so near as if you could just raise your arm and touch it.

It always looked wonderful and Jack would have enjoyed it this evening, too, if only he hadn’t stood on this small plank in expectation of his almost certain death.

“Do it!” a dark voice shouted from behind him. “Go on, do it now, or are you too frightened to stand for the things you did?” Jack turned around and saw the whole crew standing at the rail and an evil and scary smile on all their faces. How could they do this to him? He had always trusted them… and now? “There’d be nothing in the world that they would want more than seeing me dead”, Jack thought and sighed.

The men behind him got more and more noisy. Captain Barbossa grinned.

“Jump! Jump! Jump!” Jack heard their voices. They wanted him to do it, to finish it. “Of course I’ll give you a chance to survive because I’m a thoughtful man”, Barbossa said. “Even if this chance will be too small for you.“ He laughed and the crew started laughing, too, but then he suddenly stopped again and everyone did as the captain did. He went on: “About two miles from here there’s a desolate island. If you are a good swimmer, you might be there before you’re torn apart by the sharks. If you reach the island, it’s yours. I’ll bet with my men how long you might survive on it.” Barbossa smiled a terrible smile. “In your pistol there’s one bullet. You can use it however you want to, but I guess that after at most three or four days, you’ll blow your brain out with it because you don’t want to die an even much, much more horrible dead.” The crew began to laugh, first quietly, than louder and louder.

“So, dear Jack Sparrow, are you going to jump now or do you want to lose your honour?”

Slowly, Jack turned back around again. He couldn’t see the sun anymore. Just the dark clouds everywhere. The ice cold wind. The sound of the waves that hit the hull of the ship. They’d become a lot bigger. The sea was very stormy now, it would be impossible to swim to the island. One step forward and only one more…  “Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!”  Jack took a deep breath. His heart raved. “Jump! Jump!” This horrible noise. “So adios, Jack Sparrow. I’ll think of you when you’re fighting your live-and-death struggle.”  “Jump! Jump!” Jack stared down a last time. “Jump! Jump! Jump!” Suddenly he couldn’t feel the plank anymore. Barbossa had hit it with his foot. “Goodbye!” was the last word he heard from him in the horrible noise of the crew. “Jump! Jump!”

Jack jumped.

He felt that he was going to die.

He fell. And fell. He felt so much wind. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t. He could do nothing but wait for the water. These few moments were like hours for him. Suddenly: quiet. Complete quiet. Jack could see his life like a film in front of his eyes. Quiet. Darkness. Suddenly he heard his body hit the cold water. He felt it. It was cold. So unbelievably cold. Jack was shocked. He wanted to swim away, but he just wasn’t able to move. His body felt so cold. So cold. It was like he was swallowed by the sea. He couldn’t do anything against this terrible sea. It was as if a monster that wanted to kill him.

Jack became tired. He wanted to swim to the surface, wanted to breathe. He had to breathe. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t. His lungs hurt. He had always loved the sea, but now the sea was going to kill him without caring about that.

He sank down more and more. He felt like his lungs were going to explode. He sank and sank and finally he fell into a deep, long sleep…